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Helps me to see “myself” clearer, by understanding the truth of God. It also helps me to know who I am, not what I thought I was, or what others thought about me!

Helps me to become more of what God intended me to be. I learn to forgive others more than I did before!

Attending the program helps me to know that there are many people who experience a similar journey. I am not alone anymore and I don’t have to face life-problems by myself.

I received help through the work of the Holy Spirit, and also by having a safe community walking alongside me. This program is a tool to build up true disciples because it helps us to lay down our burdens (wounds, sins or negative thoughts) which are the obstacles for our spiritual growth and our intimate relationship with God.

By attending “Journey II”, God revealed to me that I am his child and very precious! I can hear Him better. He knows me well and still loves me!

Journey II helped me in healing my deeper wounding, which happened when I was young from being abused by my dad physically and emotionally. This affected my relationship with others. Now I am more aware of His love for me and am in His healing process.

I get to know myself and learn to set boundaries with others. I also learned to set time with God! I struggle most in these two areas. I am learning that it is OK to be rejected by others, and I don’t have to manipulate anyone to do what I want!

After the Journey Leadership Training, my wife and I began to understand each other more. We can share our weaknesses and sins. We learn to accept one another more. Our relationship is getting better. I can love my wife more and I believe that she also loves me more. The atmosphere at home is much better!!

The first night as I listened to the various team members openly share about their struggles with addictions and many forms of emotional brokenness. I was amazed at their integrity in openly admitting and naming the broken places of their lives before others. It was their vulnerability in sharing that became God’s invitation to me to be open to disclosing the dark and broken places of my heart to others, myself and to Him. I came away from the Training with a new courage and insight: that as I grow in being truthful about my sin and brokenness, with Him and others, He will meet me in His mercy and love.